A Statement Worth Making: Statement Necklaces

Big necklaces aka statement necklaces are where it’s at right now. You can’t spit without hitting a statement necklace. I mean, it’s not like I am walking around spitting, but I am seeing statement necklaces everywhere.

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I have had a couple of people inquire as to how to where them and the truth is it’s veeerrryyyy simple. Keep it simple. My absolutely favorite look to really show off a statement necklace in a chic way is black pencil pants, a black t-shirt, and the necklace. EVERYONE will be complimenting you on that necklace… the guy who takes your office recycling, the old lady on the elevator, that boy you’ve been crushing on (if you are 17 or 28 like me), and your co-workers and friends.


image (21)

Love my co-workers business look with statement necklace!

But if that’s not for you…

Here’s a variety of inspirational outfits that showcase statement necklaces…

My girl Meg rocked different ones all with just a basic crew neck sweater!

iphone 2171 iphone 2169 iphone 2170

If you are looking for ways to style them. There are a couple of approaches:

1. Casual outfit + Super Fancy Necklace

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2. Collared Shirt Companion (**Ask and you shall receive, Sara.**)

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3. The Color on Color OR Multicolor on Pattern

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photo 1 (21)5b36ef304996379557abe58b49dd17032bca040a6b086989cf757e2cd4fbca42

4. The Collar

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5. The Neutral

ea9587e310121f968b717dbb4c59ac3f348e0ae3124a778b7af112159c565adb photo (30)c007eac62a32795263d85d2c2e76fe04 91df6c1cfb66bb140c961d3f8f7f4d1f 6a71216cf52e1548e7dd629078d25afc

6. The Other Neutral (My FAVORITE! Because it sparkles!)

c4647ef89d2df5c968737241d9d3f1089782d532b8db0a40fe59e27a9d9fa4f7photo 3 (15)ea9ce0ed71e41b61bd4bf9f912102661

7. Double Necklace

c486aceb637f9b658de608078a55e2e6eb8caf77f74f226aadb0ae526a0453eaa55e8d8baa427e8441987e77ca81f2f8 a3b520d590b1efbd32862980321496a76ad42ed184cd96351cf850e5d9dbc494 433c88b1c0a9e96d9aef39f8c45df9e8 f4e32499712980136b1d3f359d68f505

8. Gold Necklaces

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When it comes to statement necklaces, don’t feel overwhelmed but they are for everyone. Even if you don’t like to get wild, you can toss a statement necklace on a T for work and feel very stylish (and look fantastic too). I am talking to you, Aunt Hil. 😉 I am excited to see how all of you rock statement necklaces and make them your own!

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