Try something new.

If you read my blog (mom, Laura, Hannah), you know I am always encouraging you to try new things . Whether you try a new makeup look, a new way that you use bobby pins, and/or you wear boots with something you never would have thought would work.

The challenge is in expanding your horizons. You never know what might really work for you. I am a bangs wearer. I feel like with my chubby round face I need all the help I can get to frame my face. I recently stepped outside my safe zone and went from…

iphone vol4 300


photo 1 (34)

That’s just a ribbon tied in my hair like a hair band.

iphone photos 6 201

And this is just as close to a top knot as I can get.

photo (29)

Here’s just the classic half  back with a little wave…


But I got way more compliments on my look both hair and make up when I pulled things away from my face. Someone told me I looked “regal.” And my response: “I’ll take it!”

So it’s easy to see what a difference a change makes… My challenge to you — flip it and reverse it! Try a bold lip or a middle part and see where chips lie. If it’s bad, wipe it off or change it back. If you look at it, and say “Hey this isn’t half bad?” then send me a pic! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Try something new.

  1. 1- I love a shout out. (Assuming I’m that Laura)
    2- you look great bangs down or pushed up!
    3- I appreciate your spirit of adventure!

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