Time to (W)RAP!!!

One of the most onerous and exhausting tasks of the holiday season (besides taking down the decorations) is wrapping all of those presents. (Holiday blues moment over!) Last night, I finally got some done. Actually, I wrapped all the presents that are done. In other words I wrapped all the presents I bought. Everything else I am making. And though I was ambitious in my plans for Christmas, life has gotten the best of me and I am a bit behind on my personal manufacturing. Now, I totally get outsourcing. But I am not worried, like papers in school, I will get these SEVERAL projects done. Even if it’s Christmas eve and I am working on a needlepoint. Been there, done that before.

It’s fun to get creative with all the different ways to wrap presents. I didn’t want to spend any money (mostly because I am broke but let’s call it responsible and green) so I used only ribbons, objects, and paper I already had.

Here’s some ideas I found online…

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And here’s what I created…

First the mess of my living room and then…

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PS: Hannah, you might recognize some of this wrapping paper because I am pretty sure I inherited when you moved! πŸ™‚ The alternative is that I am buying wrapping paper in my sleep because I don’t remember buying a couple of these rolls.


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