Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Wintry Weather Outfits

I dressed WAY too warmly today. It was 54 degrees and my long sleeve T and cardi did not cut it today.

I was inspired to spend my lunch time (in between a terrible morning and what is sure to be a lousy afternoon) working on a new post inspired by my own poor choices this morning.

I have a couple of different categories:

Outfits for the Frozen Tundra

6db77291e78e50336681337cd80d6f89 aa5d3bff5182f36cc143dec46ef16219 d9b5446289f8651347643c0e2b6a2785 3c6aa93c9ab4cff71acdd985de84e2db cef380f1af3e52bc4c1e9ac2ffda1041 04fc4d044c83b58bff4721271fdfdf93

Outfits for Maria

2b9249732fc157d9760fe29d938d2c5e9d8df70b53f2985dff8de8eaf6f06fe8 f4cf69443a85bc755d8a4a3fd0d4e2b9 260b58d33e88c0535252bb74b07f3813 c10951a569d71dbd6a7071736a65c24c

Outfits for the Brave Amongst Us

b24355099ca6b49d7447e9a422dfa0b2 20f44411e7bc7274d2c07c2b7e2e7dc4 9cabee55949fc913a773ffe5faee64b8 5e22c3face641ae96e97cbf679e0f327 1f7fe5448ea22bf82af8fd45414950e2 dcf65c96e32a30925135749e03065e82 e332606c4d7d96b825e3e85f3f6250f4656f8e161a8057cc6081574a347a5fdb 67576ca50f02013b69a0f3206ce9cb21

Outfits for Warmer But Still Plenty Cold Areas

0243cedd96aa5a73f31dfcab1dd181ec e40e8959764f9f7e14691bfd78917fae d98785a78c7f4cd092aeb3ab740acaa8 6b47354e267f3eac8007aa1a752bbbe4 e72aeb60eb2e1afc74b4d5c7e71b6af8 d36253681dcbc8e1c026b79fe71286ea 963c60db9f6906b9902441fb1a84efbd 2a60b1a7f3279f17434fd46b4a50c74b 0cdb53f117e033293e062c0bfb7f203f e0b59e9527627b04a4d460ec7a693409 84016f68356f253d1bc78b9a56e014b4108c0e53d842b92d2ad4cca2319d0239

Be inspired and ENJOY! Send me pics!

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