Staple Pieces — Shoe Edition

When looking at your closet there are just certain things that we should all have? I decided to do a series of posts about staple pieces and I am going to work my way from Toe to Head! It’s just the tiniest bit of a reverse. When it comes to shoes, these five choices are the kind of things we all need. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, I know people that DO NOT wear heels. It’s cool, I am not going to fight you on that, but I am going to encourage you to go for the flat alternative and/or embrace embellished flats as a fun way to stay low to the ground but style high on fashion!

So when it comes to the five they have a range of purposes and style. I would encourage you to buy slightly higher quality versions of these five because they will last you as far as multiple re-heeling or re-soling will take you.


1) Nude Pumps

Nothing makes your legs look better than a pair of perfectly matched nude pumps. You and your best friend should NOT have the same shade of nude pumps unless you have exactly the same skin tone. Sometimes the hardest part is finding the right shade. When my mom was looking, it was hard for her because she has some yellow in her nude skin and the white-nude that are a creamier color didn’t work. Now,  I have porcelain skin. It’s like looking at a white wall so I need super pale nude pumps. Finding nude pumps is like trying a new foundation — ask a friend and look in different lighting.


2) Black Flats!

I don’t know how any one survives without stylish and classic black patent flats. I mean, how do you live without them? I don’t know. They are my absolute go to. Whether it’s for the outfit I put on because I had to drag myself out of bed and go to work (black pencil pants and black T shirt) or with my carefully planned black and white flannel, red lip, and pleated skirt 90s inspired look, my black patent flats are clutch.

I think it’s best to go with a gently rounded pointed toe. If you find a pair you like, buy two pairs. Whenever I wear out a pair, I end up spending months searching for my new pair. And when I say wear out, I mean after the cobbler tells me (and/or my mom—thanks mom!), that the shoe is beyond re-soling. I carry mine with me when I wear heels so that I have an alternative when running around all day takes it toll. I wear mine to go out to dinner with tights or in court or in the mall or wherever. Black flats are the everywoman shoe.


3) Black Patent Heels

I don’t know how much I really have to say. We should all just have these — probably in multiple incarnations with varying degree of heel height.


4) Sandals

Brown sandals have many shapes and sizes. They come in heels and flats; gladiators and wedge. They should be real leather, they should fit your personal style, and they should be comfortable.


5) Sneakers

Some people might like to be creative with their sneakers. For those people, there are yellow sneaks, leopard print sneaks, and there are polka dot sneaks. For the classic and/or safe folks, there are chucks. I have both in my closet. There will always be a time when you say to yourself: “Self, what I need right now are a sweet pair of sneaks! I am off to a picnic in a park, a baseball game, or an epic day of furniture shopping and my feet need a little extra help!” For those occasions and so many others, we keep a pair of sneaks ready and raring to go in our closets. Even my g-ma has a pair. Of course, she’s pretty legit, she uses an IPAD after all.

PS: That’s right I went to the grandma place.


And there you have it. Staples in five easy shoes. Go and find your shoe mate and be ready to face the world. NEXT time, PANTS!

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