Pantone Color of the Year!

Well it’s not cobalt. To say, I am bitter is a BIT(TER) of an understatement — especially when you see what they went with…

Radiant Orchid.


Are they serious? First of all, that name — talk about pretentious! Second, I don’t know how it’s going to work all year round… but I am taking a deep breath and finding a way to get excited. So here’s my first attempt to love “radiant orchid.”

24cc14c7c7ecd5ed9f7c441370513082 bd18e5a14a62e911a6b081aa3093c042 24938cf2513c9d1babfb57ad7fe07771 1383812287c1aa6048aa2f5ae7c96103 24938cf2513c9d1babfb57ad7fe077710b8dc817e3c1ef6534feca650c6e6f1b eee4196a4dab7a60b83ecb3c329ee714 9c095515a1d1eea4fa913f470b6c7034 f486b73e6ebcb1e69fe506642c183f05 ab1b4cf1c9d757de2cbe73639ba64df2 d692cc0ddb506bf0fa514ba5718abc41 (1) 59d9d1bb66aacfb6f675cc2f8421e960 7665a86606f5e476e825867d4e626635 (2) e0e9169275c41b2f2ef905e3ef3bd35e

Then I started doing research and turns out that Mrs. Obama is all about the radiant orchid. There may be a government conspiracy in play…

23de1b98c552d89833d4da3c06650f45 (2) f4eba733b66d2008c67a71202dfdd6e6

This is my first real look at radiant orchid. I am going to start playing around with it and I promise new posts in the future with posts. For now, check out all that you can do with radiant orchid and send me what you try!

PS: Major shout out goes to Hannah who sent me a text when the announcement came out! I might have missed it if not for her.


One thought on “Pantone Color of the Year!

  1. Ha! Have you SEEN the orchids in my office?! I’m so fashion forward. And to think there’ve been times when I’ve been mocked. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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