Holiday Nails!

I love Christmas time! There’s always fun music playing and lights everywhere! I feel like everyone has an extra bounce in their step! I love all the holiday events and parties. It’s the perfect excuse for dressing up and being a little sassy and sparkly in our every day lives…

Nails are a fun way to celebrate the holiday season.

I got into the spirit myself with a little holiday glitter! (If you know, you know I love glitter in ANY form!)

photo (27)

Here are some of my holiday favorites.
They range from subtle to well NOT subtle.

9d699be5b9081112ce3c5cfeceffe08e c098fe4901dc709e8cf0f220d73e6134 22cc8eb9fd93691b6ed79c5f98b38b8f 3d49d3bc358bff8bdbb96f74f0e435b6 395a97ea8987d1d983d2b794676e218e f09b47830b01c8fdee6b51c561136d79 a5610b6dd15be54042b91e97702cbd92

Here’s a fun tutorial from my favorite beauty blog on snowflake nails!



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