Thanksgiving Fashion — a review

Dressing for the holidays is so tricky. I always want to be comfortable but am also painfully aware of the photos that will last forever taken on the day. I inevitably end up in some sort of jeans and blousy shirt combo. My cousin, Erica, and I find ourselves often pulling a “twinsies” look. She’ll walk in the door wearing skinnies and purple sweater only to find me standing in the kitchen in skinnies and coordinating if not exactly the same sweater. This year, Erica and her awesome, extremely cool parents surprised by arriving at our home as pilgrims. My mom’s family has some Native American blood so we got a bit nervous when the white people showed up in hats with buckles (just kidding of course).

iphone vol4 565

Not only did Erica bust out the pilgrim hat but she also put together an outfit she referred to as “pilgrim chic.”

iphone vol4 628

iphone vol4 631

I read several blog postings about cute outfits for the holiday and none of them touched on this new niche.

iphone vol4 641

Seriously, even if you don’t have the holiday spirit of my cousin’s family — you can and should put together an easy-going yet fabulous look for your holiday events with family.
Here’s some ideas:

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Stay tuned for Holiday Party Chic — a post coming to a computer near you soon!


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