Gaga for Graphic Sweaters!

Sorry, Paige. I know they aren’t your favorite but graphic sweaters are a serious trend this season and a fun way to stay sassy even as the temperature drops.

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Graphic sweaters couldn’t be easier to style. You can wear them easily with a pair of skinnies and a pair of leopard print/stripe/polka dot flats and that’s a great outfit. Or you can just as easily, put a striped or plaid shirt under and layer. Or combine them with a fun patterned skirt and a chunky necklace. They really dress up (fashion-wise) the simplest outfit. They range in graphics from the Eiffel tower to a pair of glasses or foxes (and other animals).

If you are thinking I don’t know about that, I would recommend that you stay on the Eiffel tower end of the spectrum. I think of it as Low, Medium, and High. This is what I consider low…. Check these ladies out:

imageService a6b49efd20301294d8e779dc68d26753 49b764f855b01658bd382df3f6a60a55

And for medium:

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And high impact:

image4xl (1) 3c3e94f00b390df52ef8ca003393dbd8 1be14c7828a0065bfb6b9ca421c9c66f df2101a633e151201a99e584a9122f42 e27fc263d226c055cfe4a228dcd1ed8fCanadian plus size fashion blog, cd6261447a2c6ebfc96d07ad96aa8a5b


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