Camel for Fall

It’s easy to fall into the dark colors only for Fall and Winter. But camel is actually a wonderful option for fall and a very classy choice when it comes to coats.


Here are some looks to inspire you to include camel in your wardrobe…

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These first two are my favorite. The show you how relaxed and easy solid fashion can be. Both of their coats are beautiful and they use of accessories, clutch.

eaf659d94bf90fb7bafd178904ba7302 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA a2dc168b02f62f48c45857d3824544b7 3681545c5f0b76c0195e6943fdaddc82 4a36ed991af22b7f136b2f41aa24b2b9 09f3ac7e6a0c9d6a74cc996200fba5a6 ea9431a9bd217ab91c9a03c1f158c58b e645994a71ca97c1ba03e5b42b3d717b 23ec3db92e3fbd918b4c06bdb3f2a7bc c6b03a9c7e38c30d8f4b214895e14399 cadaee43492c253b74795bc85e206a45 a5e804c1ec87613127c1e0a99383689c b80a8ea8c8ec7736bdc34b076905e105


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