Thor, The Dark World – Movie Review

So I begged, cajoled, and basically forced Meg and her husband Craig to see this movie on opening night because I was too busy to see it the rest of the weekend. It’s hard to go out and be wild on Friday nights when you’ve worked all week. So I was really grateful they agreed and we went. There is something to be said for seeing a movie with an opening night crowd, everyone is excited. It’s like having a room full of people rooting for the movie to succeed. Thor 2 did not disappoint. What kinds of things do you want from a movie like Thor 2? Here’s my bucket list:

1. Gratuitous torso shoots of Chris Hemsworth.

(I couldn’t find a pic from the movie. But now “thor shirtless” is in my search history. Great.)

When it happened, Meg and I started oooing and ahhing, and Craig, long-suffering as he is, just grinned at the adult women acting like preteen girls.

2. Snarky dialogue between Thor and Loki


3. Surprisingly funny moments

Two words: Tighty whiteys… That’s a teaser if there ever was one…

4. Exciting action sequences…

Blah blah of course they had these.

5. Kat Denning popping in and doing and saying crazy things

To Thor: “How’s space?”

Here she is crashing Natalie Portman’s date…


6. Badass lady characters

download (1) images (3)

7. Science that seems possible – or according to Asgardians and me, Magic!

I think if you actually understand physics there might have been some issues with the major plot points — or so I am told. To me, it was awesome and big and magical!

8. Manly hair braids…

thor-2-photos-thor-chris-hemsworth-close Thor: The Dark World 2013

9. Bad guys in creepy masks

images (4)

10. Tom Hiddleston breathing…


This movie delivered all of the above and more. We were all surprised at how many times we were laughing out loud. The chemistry between Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston was amazing. They played lines off each other beautifully. Natalie Portman wasn’t annoying and frankly, in an action movie that’s a real win for the heroine. She has no super powers but still holds her own literally amongst gods. I won’t say much more because there are plot twists and it will be a richer experience if you go in fresh and unspoiled.

I would totally recommend this movie for a fun viewing. It’s the kind of thing that won’t challenge you in any way but you will leave feeling lighter and with a smile on your face. I can’t wait for the next one!


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