Mission Accomplished — #28


You know what this banner means! This is a post about my 30 Before 30 list! Wonderful news, dear friends, random strangers and Mom! I completed number #28.

28. Go on a camping adventure.

About two weeks ago, I was enjoying Vietnamese food with Sara, John and Adam when the subject turned to camping. We all wished we had time to go. It’s something we all always wanted to do but couldn’t find the time. We resolved then and there to go as soon as possible and booked the site two weeks later. We went camping this weekend for Veteran’s Day. Was it an adventure? Mirriam-Webster’s Onlien Dictionary defines “adventure” as “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.” I know that many of you might be thinking camping at Ft. DeSoto hardly involves danger and unknown risk and I will tell you right now that you are wrong.

First of all, we made it extremely complicated. We packed more food and alcohol than would meet the needs of a small village. We all bought ridiculous things… John bought a Brawny man flannel (but not the hatchet he considered), Sara bought a crazy expensive warm weather sleeping bag, I bought a hat.  Sara and I arrived first. The ranger at check-in (one of two working named Rich) told us we looked like “trouble.” Then, he asked if jello shots were at 8. Did we look 19? We are too old for jello shots.

Then we arrived at our pine tree lined camping site.

iphone photoes 024 iphone photoes 025 iphone photoes 026

While Sara was preoccupied with helping John meet us on his boat, I focused on the important things: spiked lemonade. As luck would have it, we walked down the path to the ocean and sailing by like a mirage was John on his boat.

iphone photoes 032

Not only did we miraculously find our friend but we saw a DOLPHIN after being there for like five minutes. Listen, y’all, everyone knows its good luck to see a dolphin.

photo 1 (22) photo 2 (24)

Then the rest of the boys and (Jayme) arrived and then the Ripleys. And then the night began. We had a fantastic time.

iphone photoes 082

iphone photoes 045

iphone photoes 073 iphone photoes 077 iphone photoes 070 iphone photoes 069 iphone photoes 044 iphone photoes 042

Let me break down the finer moments…

Sweater Whiskey


**An similar bottle… ours was lost in the festivities!

Boat rides

This was a complete and total blast. John pulled the boat with the ladies away from the shallows… it was very chivalrous and then we just careened to an island where he fished and the ladies frolicked and found shells. The sunset was epic.

The Presence of a Frisby and Football

iphone photoes 084  iphone photoes 079 iphone photoes 040 iphone photoes 039

Smores (Though to be perfectly honest I don’t exactly remember smores)

A Re-enactment of the “Hills are alive” scene from The Sound of Music

A trip to Bill Jackson’s

iphone photoes 011 iphone photoes 010 iphone photoes 012 iphone photoes 013 iphone photoes 008 iphone photoes 015 iphone photoes 016 iphone photoes 017

Tents (and tent set up!)

Cooking over FIRE! (I have the burns on my hand to prove it.)

So I don’t have any actual photos of cooking over a fire. It turns out my phone was being used for the Bob Seger festival and so no pics…

Hot dogs and cinnabuns for breakfast

Finally, Raccoon City (where I am Mayor)

Here’s a map John drew. It shows you how raccoons crept to my side and then ran away. Tyler was heard saying there were dogs outside his tent, JQ thought wild boar, I think they were all just sooo many feral raccoons. I try not to think about it…. 🙂

photo (24)

In the end, this is what we woke up to…

iphone photoes 088

I think Mirriam-Webster would be satisfied with the amount of danger and unknown risks — just the raccoons alone.



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