Salon Day!

It’s time to go to the salon. It’s always a pleasure to go the salon. I love being pampered! Is there anything better? Many of my friends and I have been going to our salon seeing our favorite hair stylist Catie for YEARS! We LOVE Euphoria. It’s the best experience.

Let me walk you through the experience. First of all, I don’t wash my hair and so I look like a hot mess. (Brace yourselves!) I also don’t wear much makeup. I don’t know why. Every time, I sit in the chair in the supernaturally white bright lights and hate my skin and the bags under my eyes. I think I enjoy the whole metamorphosis process. You know start at the very worst and let Catie just work her magic.

photo (7)

And now you know that I will post a terrible picture of myself.

Usually I spend the week prior to hair appointment vacillating heavily about what I am going to do. It’s been a while for me and that means that I am even less in control. Decisions have always been hard for me and after the great pixie cut debacle of March 2013, I don’t really trust myself. Don’t remember?


Here’s me and my bestie (and salon buddy) in my pixie. I loved this hair cut for approximately 10 days. Then I hated it. I hated looking in the mirror. I hated washing my hair. I hated putting on make up and picking out clothes. I look at it months and months later and I like it. I think it wasn’t all terrible but then a waive of remembering the months and months and months of growing it out and I hate it anew. As it is, this is November and my hair still doesn’t touch my shoulders. P assures me my hair is growing fast. It just doesn’t feel that way. And let’s face it ladies, when we don’t like our hair it’s hard to like ourselves.

So back to today and my lovesong to going to the salon…
It’s important to find a place where you feel comfortable. We started coming to this salon to Catie in particular after I saw Angie, a law school classmate’s fierce new hair cut with bangs. I loved her haircut and asked her where she got her hair done. Meg and I have been going to see Catie ever since. Now, the majority of our friends see Catie. She’s done hair for our friend groups weddings and dances. In many ways, she’s been with us through the major events of our lives. That’s why it feels like coming home to visit the salon.

For the fashionista in me, I love the endless possibilities and the opportunity to try new things. I have done many different colors and different cuts over the years. I usually like my hair best about a week after I get it done. I feel like it settles down and do the rest with styling it then.

Here are some action shots of us in the process of getting our hair done:

753 754 756 758 760 766 770 774 775 779

And here’s the final product:

image (22)


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