Pleated for Fall

Pleated skirts and dresses are all the rage these days. Frankly, I think a good pleated skirt might be an advanced staple (obvi not part of the first tier of closet staples). Pleats come in different shapes and sizes and they can be a lot of fun. Here’s a sampling to inspire you to go pleated.

7eb8fd04e5cc9679ef7416ef2db21994 4af8069ab44cd53be628c5e3394b76ee e43953a452dbd738c7c705f104e6e08e f71bcc81e1bb04c19e0be3469e975591 7e9fe626469c3f172a01d1c02b9abf92 3feca0d0dd0805c4c099141b9e5c81c4 3d852fb715273cf54a68d9c6217aeb04 ce6a4e703a3517b6879ac08d9e97497d 893d8c5c925ebdcdb52527ff5850eb77 0118c42be881d9c4d913c7b74f26c375 7f1755c4acd6d619ba602e2f4c52f520 d9f878b5be91212ceff7653d40818a10 741068950bbd29e0741d39a4ef047899 99539f5b9ddb7f5e793d9ae1b504c831 8d4a8820752f5abaf566e251ee127d95photo (6)


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