Q and A — Vol. 3

VIP Bestie read Tuesday’s blog post about boots and made this comment: “The question is, can I still rock my cowboy boots? Please say yes.” 

Y E S you can. Si se puedes! 

What does that mean? That means wear your boots girl. Let me show you how’s it done/ For you, I’d keep it boho fab like you do so well.

829ed537eef202f3175ddb2f16cff767 9d120b36e4a3784f278f105543712f3f 73cec8da71d73cadeae3473fde0dd3fc 507ba412106cae8161f9a1946a764d92 574e51f49328022782a4455287f4eacb 0c9c3bcfe6f4a6d87c297800f6152c66 000f31d23519a2fa3db367c57e8b52c0 d7c0ff39fb432b26a14ec5a9038967e8 9b6f0a3750a81827cc200ceaa0205f67 c5e1a2ed74a878c6905dd542bd3aea65 01b47c7807f56d0072d197f1cc7667e7 441e3704b8505d774fc438bc47568e0a f8c8a775aa4a260137822358f849899d

I think the secret is to keep it easy and not too cheesy but still have fun with the look. I hope these pics inspire you to wear your boots, VIP Bestie.


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