Q and A — Vol. 2

From a dear friend at home in L-town: “I bought a faded chambray shirt, what to go with it?” 

I don’t even know where to begin. The chambray shirt is the crossover item from summer into fall into winter. I love it because I love easy comfortable outfits. It’s amazing what you can do with layering and prints and statement necklaces and sassy belts… AHHH Can you hear my excitement? 


There are just so many things to be done…

1. JEAN on JEAN. Let’s face it, this outfit is dangerously close to the Canadian tuxedo. 

Below is perhaps the most famous Canadian tuxedo of all time — really two for the price of one.


Seriously, I think the look can be accomplished easily. The secret is making sure that the chambray top is clearly a different color. Keep the look easy breezy with brown flats or oxfords. This look is slightly rumpled and definitely chill. Try it on a Saturday bumming around and see how you feel about it.

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2. Patterns are your best friend. Treat the chambray like a neutral and have fun with it. It could easily replace a white shirt in an outfit. Jazz it up with a fun patterned skirts. Be brave!

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3. Belts. Are you belt lover? My mom lovers her some belts. She gets them at Target, Marshall’s, and JCrew. They don’t have to be fancy but it’s better if they are fun because you will enjoy wearing them so much more. Check out what these lovely ladies did with belts.

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4. Colored pants! It doesn’t get much better this year than colored pants. I mean, seriously, they are everywhere. Old Navy is constantly running sales (they carry talls, petites, and plus online) and you can always grab some at your local Target (aka the Happiest Place on Earth).

Don’t believe me? See if these ladies whet your appetite for colored pants.



5. Jacket – Wear it as a jacket! (In case you were wondering, I sang that last one.) It’s a great lightweight jacket option for those of us who get warm (ALL THE TIME) and it’s also a super chill look and still super stylish. (Could I use super more? Don’t test me.)

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6. Layering. Chambray was made to layer, like I was made to spend my time in polka dots. You can’t do enough layering and be creative enough for me.

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7. Statement necklaces.

They are a big deal. Why are they a big deal? Well, obvi, they are big. But they also make an outfit. (A blog post is forthcoming…)

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A lot of these styles overlap as you can see in the pics. So feel free mix and match ways to dress up and down your new chambray shirt. I think that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship — between you and that chambray shirt.

Here’s a pic of me and my mom rocking the chambray…

photo 1 (9) photo (12)


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