These boots were made for STYLE!

I had a conversation with my bestie about boots that inspired me to write about boots. The trick is to not over think them. And make sure that they fit well and are comfortable. Boots can be tricky to style and I know that I have a lot of friends who struggle with them. I think of boots as belonging to two camps: short and tall. I tend to encourage people to lean towards classic and simple silhouettes with boots. There’s no need to go off on a trend roller coaster for something so expensive and, if we are talking tall boots, so big. I like classic looks because they are way more versatile and the boots can work with the outfit and not against it.

BAD BOOTS = a653df27477c4215f065c250bd80ffa5

Alright, that’s an exaggeration but I bet someone there was thinking about leopard boots… Paige? No? 🙂

Tall boots are the easiest because they are so classic. You can toss them on with a dress or a skirt and bare legs and look fantastic — even if it’s not totally cool yet.

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If it gets chillier, you can add jeans or leggings or tights…

photo 1 (18)PS: This outfit (above) gets a nomination for best outfit of the week! Homerun from Indiana!!

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This one above is probably my favorite look — I love the simple elegance of it. Mom, what a great outfit for NYC?


Short Boots are actually my favorite. They tend to be a little more funky and frankly, they aren’t as warm, which is always a problem for me. Here are some with skirts…

ddad1115bf73380469d7f0409459a932 20bfddd28f8515a49c76b89573824655 4906242b6445bce77c9a1cbab66e09865f9f91070421bed81b1bfe7a323419ffphoto 3 (5)Joyce20ced6982693931c8f45cb96aab46ecf

And then with pants…

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