Sunday Night Blues

It’s that time again, Sunday night. Even though I’ve had a good weekend, as I sit here all I can think about is how it’s not enough time!! I need more. I had a lovely brunch outside today with a friend and we both rocked the fall casual look. I wish I had snapped pics. My friend, JQ, was wearing a chambray shirt, olive jeans, and purple ballet flats. While I was wearing, dark skinnies, a grey t-shirt, a red flannel, and polka dot sneakers. We epitomized the casual comfort that makes fall one of my favorite seasons. Where were the paps when you needed them? The truth is it can be just as daunting to put together a good casual outfit as it is to dress up. Obviously, comfort is most important and for both us it’s easy going style with a touch of whimsy.

Take something you love whether it’s a simple grey T or a pair of purple flats and pair them with comfortable but fitted pants in a different color. Keep it your patterns small. This is a great time to insert one of my staples, the casual sweatshirt material. They are tons on the market now. It’s easy to pick up a snazzy T and toss it with some skinnies and patterned flats. BOOM. Outfit done. Don’t over think it. Just be comfortable and classic. And enjoy your weekend because we know it’s fleeting.

As it is Sunday night that means it’s the end of casual cool wear and back to work clothes. So in honor of Sunday night…
Casual fall outfits inspired by my brunch date with JQ.

Inspired by JQ:

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And my look:


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If only a flannel and skinnies would cut it Monday morning… 🙂

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