Floridians + Fall (slightly chilly weather) = TIGHTS

We just do. I think it goes back to the old saying you want what you can’t have. We don’t have fall here. We barely have a cool period we refer to as winter. I have worn shorts on Christmas more times than not. Yet, we wait with baited breath for tights and boots and tweed.

November 1st is the arbitrary day of the beginning of tights weather in my circles. However, we live in Florida and sometimes it’s 80+ degrees on November 1st. Today, November 2nd, it’s a bit cooler and so I officially announce the beginning of tight season. Ladies, start your engines…

b27f4b75d9b4b7938c660648754c0ac5db6004e2902f3256cc4f0ccb1332fbb8 105e33a7c30cba03f8a7b8e2985af3e9 69bda5655c9a6d7983f35cf9162ed1e6 740ba60e53632aa79e33e1d67e3a605d


1826e6cceab2e906c9ef47e7846378d2 81933d0599738df9a3de64a441540d43 cn703510865ef620afd08722b7b53536b06451e9842839a253d4cdb73f2c8a9a4d592c13b f4012c0a8b3a714ec6a22b131a8771b8 831751f9866701b98774ffa110bddedb Β cn7242674


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