Sunday Night Blues –

I suffer from the Sunday night blues routinely. I love my job but there’s something about the end of the weekend which is tragic and exhausting. I never finish everything I wanted and I never feel like I have had enough time during the weekend.

Even though today was pretty close a perfect day (cleaned my house, got a pedi with my bestie, dinner with my gma, and some serious lounging time), I find myself in my usual place: moping about starting another week before the weekend. Pathetic, right? One of my favorite ways to get inspired to start the week is to browse Pinterest for style inspiration.

Tonight, Pinterest showed me (like a magic eight ball) peplums and the color red…

MRW’s attitude about peplums is why bother? They are just a flash in the pan fashion trend. Well, love, I think you need to surrender to the trend because it’s been a couple of seasons and they are still going strong. I think peplums are a great way to jazz up an outfit and look good on everyone. Are you curvy? Awesome, the peplum just accentuates those curves (and if you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em!). Are you not so curvy? No problem, here’s a peplum to help create some curves for you.

It’s peplum time!

a2bf564f8b9ca4ee4583e380fe532d5d 8040c9db12eb378f3d20fd51043766c3 7d0ae37d690c7f69ad781fd51f0316a2 ad1794eb956ceb77fee096c98907979f 3eb881ea5edcd9ae53dd08b4206c2258 0d764b0ce54481b998a2c02af8a9a433 fc974dc6e196a8636c02beca2c834c3a f835017dff1749512557c9392766c66c150766bc98554b2fd133472d4f3f6572 ab75d942bcdf0a2cf14638fb1f9dab67

My other source of Sunday night inspiration comes from the color red. (PS: that sounds like Sesame Street when the episode is brought to you by the number 7)

Let’s talk about how much FUN you can have with red. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Red can have huge impact in a shoe or a lip or a belt. You can go crazy with a dress or you can get a lot of bang for your buck with the aforementioned lip, belt, or shoe.

43c47c3965eb9d9a52e8a8df502a19cb a2bcab4295fa1b8e66ab220c9fc0727c (1) 707746c477099ac047118d5788eb6696 fc65a60667ba2babf16e11eea76dfa98 8f01899be558ece7b2a72f2d0063c46f 85fffaace31a8a5fe4f63cf8c2d3712d 9a936c5ba6ed2bb245016a211c0fd2ac 9eaba0b231ffa3c5b6a97a9a676c0951 b87dea0c983462a69ae4346fc5ad5e2f a1238022cbff290a4635f38553b1326e a373aeb51e83122b5c8e90354c9746c4 f9f31e748a47f979aaa05eeee1e1a5d1 d438b9a39a19072d7c675f34053c9014 762008e3f743a696daaea26d8f418726 5cd47261c7fa5f7049fa5e149ad32985 10481dcd718dcbd9c05899f28cd75249

And if you combine the two:
d95c61170fb7e00e4dd7274bf3e313af ba0e712fb667922edfbc15fc378d8879 78b5ffd0b83418491a8d804e9b5ab067b6de5bff08c7f7a5a3595f457597437d f3ba5ef9e49cef60f16956cf928c3dc2 f2d376682cb6c3f9413562155a47d4bf

In the morning, I can’t wait to combine peplums and my red inspiration. Stay tuned. Or try it yourself (and send me pics!!!!)


2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Blues –

  1. Peplum was everywhere while I was pregnant and I was bummed I couldn’t wear it. Now that I am back to my regular shape I am still having issues finding the perfect peplum top/ dress. I need easy access to the ladies for breastfeeding. Can you make it your new goal to find me a peplum outfit with easy boob access?

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