30 Under 30 Teaser


As a true lover of lists, I decided to sit down and write out the things I wanted to do before 30. I turn 30 in about 15 months. I wanted to make sure that everything was doable, positive, and in my control. To whet the appetites of my many readers (mom, P, VIP Bestie, and my aunts), I thought I’d do an epic teaser post of just the beginning of one of the items on my list.

When you see this bar , expect the post to be list related!


No. 18: Make my own limoncello.

Tonight I took the first steps (with the help of some kind, patient friends) towards making my own limoncello. I plan on giving it to my dad as a Christmas present (so don’t tell him about it). Here are some teaser pics:

Lemon’s being zested and a mysterious giant jar.




Recipe and explanation to follow… Brace yourselves, blogosphere 30 under 30 is happening!


2 thoughts on “30 Under 30 Teaser

  1. Can’t wait to check some off with your on your journey! You are motivating me to make up a top 35 before 35 countdown list which is 13 months away (gulp).

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