Black and White and Totally Chic

Some days I wake up and just have no energy for picking out an awesome outfit. In that moment, there is nothing easier to go to than a black and white outfit. It doesn’t have to be complicated or over-thought. All you need is black and white. How simple is that? You can pair simple black pants with a white blouse and a sparkly necklace and BOOM, you are done. 

Here are some chic examples of how to make it black and white and all yours…

771ce2ce48a0cab4b7cc3ef2fada13cc DSCN4011


60e909c0845db7f383ab922d93e74660 6e195a6a6811e1122c7c5723b570550e 04a58bfc51c74c1439742728f8ed92bb f05e8d03ed8700247173e1e9b4152520 7f4b519d1376906f34d6614c6ad4135e 5e7dc337ce0391adb67ebbc61cbc03a3 d2aa03e055e05d525bf585a7e08cf8e3 aadeaa687dc16f32ac46c83233e08748 aa5c0fc127daf7f2775583dfbd724252 4f02c56bdd8b09b9f1e4d7016ca63a16 97c4dcf613e7d03b79a59082d5380ccb 25ec4f2e17734ebbd2f480e9d1077feb DSCN3988 photo 1 (3)


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