Q and A — Vol. 1

Bunzilla (my friend who’s a new college professor in New York) asks: “Seems to me, colored pants are more and more a “thing” – i’m not normally in for colored pants but some friends are trying to encourage me to start with dark purple or plum pants.  As a friend who offered to help with personal shopping assignments – any good leads on purple pants for girls with hips?”

Best places to shop for seasonal pieces are places that are cheap! I like Old Navy and Forever 21.  I do not subscribe to the belief that plus size or pear shape means add fabric for balance. I would instead keep it fitted and do a higher belted top or a long flowy top with a shorter jacket or vest. This moves the eyes up and creates a waist which is your smallest point. It is most important to make sure that your shirt hits beneath your hips. As the weather gets chillier, you can easily add boots over the colored pants or maybe some booties. Treat colored pants as regular black pants or jeans. They will look awesome with black and white or a nice chambray shirt or a fun sweater. I really think that some version of colored pants are really crucial for fall into winter.

cn6914304 Old Navy has these and they are running sales all the time.

556d77b62bf7afc3858fbee2e29ccbe4From Forever 21, so cheap. And comes in a bunch of colors!

b606773d8650afec2a05e04becc0aa1b 1c5fd102ea61c87a2bbc10d8e085470a 8422835290_1c3842a51d_h (1)

Finally, everyone’s favorite model, rocking army green pants, a sassy sweater, and booties!

photo 3

Also here’s my mom rocking colored pants as well as twinsie booties:

photo 4



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