Friday Funday Leopard Print Inspiration


No I didn’t wear my jean shirt in protest of my non-jeans day Friday. I deviated with a chartreuse outfit, which is what I refer to as day 1001 of desperately trying to NOT dress like a lawyer. I am not Ally McBeal for heaven’s sake, why do I have to wear dark suits. I would love to break out into song and dance (I did that during Suit and Tie time in the afternoon, which coincided with the time I ate a bunch of cake). None of this is the point of the post. What’s the point? (Lack of focus = CAKE) Two of my favs at the office flexed their leopard print for their sassy Friday outfits and inspired me to do today’s post about LEOPARD PRINT!

Leopard print is my FAVORITE animal print. I think it is uniquely classy and CRAZY wearable. You can do it as simply as a belt or a shoe. OR a blouse. Or if you are feeling wild, a dress.Β Β photo 220fc3dd1ed72bd6d118a376e97b387d3 325f917f74dd7ed8ee34daaddce54086 f2ab4655d1aa7c56054dd9b0e6df690a c2098e46ced690cdafcd99df71604ba3 34aebe74308b86e9d92fe379904144ef a1503c44fda8cfa1cb8abd9953ba05a9f54a67dbd0549e95c28e6e8f5ba435b7 982f63ebe67bb0fac98f7bd7b0164ffd 29df55b115d8aa9fd74982374cb38c8fphoto 1



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