Hair Evolution

I am one of those people who cannot wear their hair the same way every day. It makes me crazy! Right now I am not overjoyed with my hair cut (it’s a long story stemming from a enormous mistake of a pixie hair cut) and so I am always trying to style it different ways to make myself feel good about it. 

If you are in hair rut, this post is designed to inspire you. I have short hair but over the last couple of weeks I have been getting more and more creative. 

Here’s the evolution of my looks… 

image (87)


This is sort of the base point and what my hair looks like when it’s done how my hair stylist envisioned for me. 

And then, this is what I do with it!!! 🙂 

image (26)           Deep wide part with a low bun. It’s easy to do. 

image (20)             This look is curly with a side part and a cool clip. 


image (14)           Here’s a side-sweep, curled away from my face. 


image (7)Straightened curled under but with a little body.




image (6)              Side parted and curled away from the face. I also did a slightly tighter curl. 


image (97)              Bangs and braided hair pulled back with a headband. 



image (96)            Side part and swoop with a clip. 


image (95)           Center part, braided bangs pulled back. 


imageStraightened and sleek with no bangs… 



image (99)            Bangs and curly… Curled towards my face



image (100)           Deep side part, blow-dried using a round brush for body and shape. 



image (98)Straightened and flipped out… 


Don’t be afraid to try new things. You don’t have to be wild but you can try new looks in small ways and who knows — you might like your new look better. 


2 thoughts on “Hair Evolution

  1. Just the inspiration I needed. It’s hard to be creative with a baby pulling at my hair constantly, but I know I could try a little harder. I just may make a pinterest hair board today 🙂

    • I am so jealous of your long, thick, beautiful hair! It’s skies the limit with all the creative things you can do. Braids might be the answer for that handsy little guy of yours…

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