Campaign for Cobalt

Campaign for Cobalt

For 2013, the Pantone Color of the Year was Emerald. And it was awesome! I loved seeing all the fun people had with the color and all the beautiful fashion.

But as we inch closer to 2014, it’s time to look to the color for next year. They have suggested some front runners:

I would like to begin my campaign for Dazzling Blue or Cobalt as the color of the year.  I think Cobalt shares the universal quality that Emerald posses; it’s a color that flatters all different skin tones and can be worn without limitations of season. Not to mention, Cobalt is a fun and inspiring color to work with in pairing colors or creating patterns. This is post is my case for cobalt.

Cobalt can be for work…

c80c86bd7ee5c03f6ca41771f89539cd 6e4ebe763820afe79a6bfd0977f7f4ad 088f14462563957d300e976ccac08449 f129e0fdca1f40ef6025a69ce5526e9a

Or for play…

93d210496d5230f89df6d9e3399db8a2f2cf605c34883cbfb0cab31c0123488d 2f0a5eb727b6d8f10f24bdda7fcef13c 4c5a004da7a69a51e26aa45c4bb1365a

Or Red Carpet…

110af39ba0de98396ce9b0378f5daa18 1e5aa96a046bf1e32632a50394d48185

For different skin tones…

447f158abff05a3189fbb54d4f5e492d6e8ec3eb0a7d2ccc01f0597c45706391722a65ca73d9cc0897db96b242b5144bSONY DSC 

For redheads…

f25f51fb9af96de92910ebced36a4655 images

For blondes…

4c1a21b59e8c37693cf4cabbbc83f97d1310573059_blake-lively-468 images (1)

For Winter…

a4fbf33543faa65bca53a773d15e3a45 0b45409ddf308677bb22dacafe10ae98 7f46d932e410cd9b36d745804b432494

For tights..

53cbb34e3f1a8c715f12e8a7305a3089Post 9 - 4
For Pants…

0deb8ca089ff1789b80d181a61f4a913 c7e62ea7d24922d2d5b78ff2e7d5bd6e

For Royals…

752686c5bcafa2453a7a5ba08e496507 0-kate 2d207168bc58f7a49e2620286dd146f9images (2)

For Funny Ladies…

article-2334667-1A1378C4000005DC-237_634x889 aba06e395e34a32f17409bc6a222d60e

For Plus Size…

IGIGI-by-Yuliya-Raquel-Plus-Size-Raisa-Sweater-Top-in-Cobalt-Black-13568863914624968823 images (3) 38349ed1209d466b8769005d8b611143

In Leather or bold combos or stripes or patterns…

8ada8ba631cdf31e0954ecf1dff8743e 14624b635a757dd01947a2a86b7e8b53 87af98854b459bbf4cdaf7202524df19 8da6a142d526488a21467b112e3140eb 

In accessories or makeup or nails…

85ec2ceda5aa04e6c0993b29ee82aa38 6b9379c5ce821514d47a79b9ba3c3600 e99ff77c9f391ab9db4b37af86962c47download (2) download (1) download

For Regular Folk…

553573_573706765381_809603658_n12689_10200602029948964_957032361_nphoto (22) image (78)image (75)


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