Fall Trend: Orange Lip

As I have said before, one of my favorite blogs for keeping things fresh with beauty is The Beauty Department. They recently posted about a fun, fall trend: orange lips.



So I decided to try it out. It worked well for me because they did a navy blue liner balanced with the orange lip.  I say it worked out well because today I began getting outfits together for my cobalt campaign. I did not have navy eye liner so I did black but softened it with a blue line along the corner of the eye. I blended it in so it became almost like a shadow of blue rather than a separate line. The orange lip is a bright fun color to introduce into your fall makeup rotation so you don’t feel bogged down with oxblood and other dark lips. I think it balances well with fairly eye makeup in the fall.

Here’s my version. I used Revlon’s “Coral” lipstick. When I bought it, I thought the name didn’t quite suit the color but I think the color is very nice.


Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to try it as well.

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