The Great Coat Debate of 2013

Though I live in Florida, I am jetting off on two separate trips this winter into places that suffer from significantly colder climates. With that in mind, I have begun looking at winter coats. I still have a couple of nicer wool ones from my college days but as that was 5 years ago, I am sort of due for something shiny and new.

The question becomes what do I want out of a coat. When shopping for a major investment piece like a coat, boots, nice bathing suit, or handbag, you really must ask yourself a series of probing questions. Identify your expectations and requirements so that you can keep them in mind while you are shopping and so that you avoid the pitfalls of shopping — shiny objects, too trendy, or too one-note (By one-note, I refer to an piece that can only be worn one way, one time).

I have been really intrigued by colorful coats in recent weeks and you’ll see that I lean towards them in my choices. For me. I generally like a coat with pockets, does a nice fit and flair, I am not the biggest collar person as I have sensitive skin that does not much care for the rubbing of wool, and something with some style or sass to fit my personality. That’s my shopping bucket list. Here are some of the front runners…

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I am all about the color on the first two. But I hesitate on the collar on the fuchsia coat and as for the turquoise, I am worried about the coat hitting me at an unflattering angle.


I like this one because it feels very classic but it might be a smidge too conservative for me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Then there’s edgy… LOVE plaid.

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Then vintage inspired.

The truth is I want a coat that makes me happy in the gloomy winter months. I think this 60s inspired mustard coat might be just the ticket. What are your thoughts?

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