Nails — It’s time to go wild!

My posts lately have been very fashion-centered and apparently highly-controversial (PP did not agree with my Emmy dress analysis). So I was sitting pondering what to post about and thought I’d do NAILS. I don’t know when I became completely obsessed with painting my nails but obsessed I am.

I used to think that because I worked in an office and lived a very 9-5 existence I couldn’t do anything too wild with my nails. It didn’t take long for me to basically say — screw it! I am doing what I want.

And so it began. And what excellent timing! Nail art has become HUGE. Detailed graphics unique to each nail or in a reoccurring pattern. Celebrities like Zooey Deschanel (if you recall from the Emmy’s post) have begun getting nail art before red carpet events and it’s as integral to their outfit as their jewels or clutch. But I think nail art is for regular folk too. It’s so much fun and can be so sassy.

Now the most obvious place for me to begin to enjoy nail colors and art would be POLKA DOTS! Get excited, Chris! I am!




Fall nails are all about the dark. And you will hear no complaints from me or most of my friends. 

7e321f1dca9cffbded304cb60086e2f9 (1)

I love dark colors. I recently had my nails painted a sparkly black and it was probably the most neutral my nails have been in a long time. Here’s a pic with my Bestie, MRW, a fellow nail junkie.

photo (3)

Mine are on the bottom. We both went dark with a glittery top coat. What can I say we both can’t resist shiny objects!

Nail creativity doesn’t have to be wild. It can be understated but still interesting.

 dbb6320f371de34fedbd541ce71d45f4319c7546685d3d220489d8adf5a010d3 de8e3300de5b856bdb010af905fda360

Of course I love the glitter…


Or if you prefer subtlety, an accent nail might be the answer:


At the end of the day, my favorites are the ones that are interesting — they push the envelope but stay classy. I am especially obsessed with the metallic additions in the last two…

59750e12e68711d696bc1ef253fd191f c6b2c2ad354b3ef8c0454be77cae81033619dec68f00e8fdc7afb2d02f7a02dc  36dc9efaeaf4c80ebe3ab2fbb8b33790 (1)


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