Mad about Purple!

I have a had a life-long love affair with the color purple. My birthstone is amethyst so it’s only natural that I be fascinated with the color. I truly believe that purple — especially a dark, rich purple — looks amazing on EVERYONE. Red heads, grandmas, kids, young professionals, blondes — whoever!

I set out to look at fall purple inspired looks and to break it down for all of you (Mom, P, and VP Bestie and my one stranger follower.)

First, the dress. A purple dress is an easy, but classic go-to piece. Here are some excellent examples…

a39fa7d8dd16c57c590e8f0a5d5f350bThis sporty fit and flair is beautifully accessorized with a chunky, sparkly necklace and a leather moto jacket. I think there is something about rich purple that calls out for sparkly something, which is why I like this look so much. I also think it could be easily transitioned into colder climates with tights and booties.

dbb84547ed2e1863deba74fca8aa8958This is another fantastic dress also accessorized with sparkle and metallics. I like purple because it works equally well with silver and gold. Don’t be afraid to utilize some metallics in your work wardrobe. It’s a really fun way to take a drab dress and up the ante. 


63c1b8e5041c09fa598d3ea315590b84I like the subtle print of this purple. It feels a little boho and she paired it with booties and we already know I feel about them! 

c5c7d91ba955376daf8e14d855762a30Then of course, if the Duchess wears it, it must be right. The Duchess of Never Miss Fashion even accessorized her purple with the Queen’s (I am assuming real) diamond maple leave broach. Don’t believe me that purple calls out for sparkle — what the Duchess tells you!? 

f151e9a30fdf933b0a692061f34b23afAnd finally, Elie Saab does sparkles better than anyone and this dress from her Winter line really sells purple as a sexy, evening look. 

Second, let’s talk pants. Yes, purple pants. One morning I was riding my bike at like 6 am with a friend and I looked down at my outfit and realized I was wearing a neon green long sleeve T, purple leggings and purple sneakers (yes I got dressed in the dark) and I started laughing. I looked like Barney the dinosaur. That’s my only cautionary tale with purple pants — don’t pair them with green. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Check these ladies out….

e8dff14823568c611076d70ff185acfbI love the creative color pairing here. It looks fresh and casual

6b578018cdd27d120944c6ebf8cb1ab7This is a more refined look that I pulled from a European blog. Don’t know what she’s saying but I love her look! 🙂 I think she does a great job of introducing just enough texture and print (the leopard print belt) to make the outfit casual but easy.

 f626f1665981eccb0f634bde8d5413a2This girl is a rockstar when it comes to classic, chic use of purple. First of all, LOVE the coat. Everything she has going on here is right… booties, stripes, camel coat, classic sunglasses. This is an easy look to copy and feel great about when wearing… 

533b0344c1a989d7eb0e3e873dcc6083I like this look for an example of easy to incorporate into your work wardrobe. Pencil pants are so flattering on everyone and I love the small print blouse with the classic blazer. Anyone who works in an office knows how easy it is to throw a blazer on and make an outfit from casual to professional. 

d98d1399b25aadc890ed98784f03affcI love the purple textured suit that JCrew put out this fall. It’s fun and sassy and maybe not for the faint of heart. 

Let’s talk about TOPSSSSSSS!

d2e412f7a0fab9c84683284bf62d6a22Love this two-tone jacket and love it with the skinny jeans and the classic black pumps!

dd6459a1119c7dc57c65208cc93e94adStuds are really making a place for themselves this year in fashion and I think this is an easy example of effortless studs in a great purple blouse.

34c0f796e027e1e85769d1d4764e733b 1c1bd582c685ad7e93f694340ddddb0dThen you have your bold purple pairings… red and yellow!! You’ll notice how both of the ladies balance the look with neutrals and statement pieces (leopard belt and chunky necklace). 



5060c8aebf6e2fdc42da1103b880fff1fa16c5afdcd9be74c57cd2dcf720cd9d6360d08fde06e351a7a0fc1ee19926b8396f7f61d3b3ef724cca27dbbbf0d0e0 (1)Then there are jackets… I love all of these (especially the cloak hybrid at the end and her monochromatic look). I love how much a purple jacket takes the navy blouse and jeans in the first to the next level. 

Now it’s time for TIGHTS…

efdc214d493b20a71daefdd7319674fd 61109feb239efc088f04fb274cc1aa7b 8086f8e08d6026394b3bfd1ee978b4a8 db3f7fc43e64aba874a6d5a994cc8512 8bb1f27f58393fad5a295dfe5d3969c0 3d2ab3b9727288a5433b47afea4a20d9


The tights looks range from wild and crazy to perfectly acceptable and cool for ladies like my mom. I’d love to see you print purple top, black blazer, grey skirt and purple tight combo. On the other hand, on the other end of that spectrum is what you can expect to see me in this fall — purple skirt, orange top, tights and BOOTIES!


Purple is a great color for everyone and it’s always been that way — check out these great vintage finds…

032e567f86a935e4be1c5a4aafbc37c3 d0f261ca01a78d872977502210f2a1df cc08da20bccbec8ee3ab66ec34e6a026 3cb3bbdf683129d531a00c6c87051072498dd091a3a0dd263f9a0da537faf87a


You don’t have to go crazy to enjoy purple…


But it can’t hurt to have some fun! 🙂

8730cadf50504ed57a5452ae2c7de027  debba1168b3159160c3d291794fffb20


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