Fall Inspiration — Booties (First Attempt)

We’ve finally made it to October. I couldn’t be more thrilled. As you know, for weeks I have been anticipating the arrival of fall and its unique fashions. Perhaps one of the biggest staples of the Fall and Winter seasons are boots. Booties have become incredibly popular in recent years and I have personally really enjoyed the trend.

I got inspired by this post I saw on Pinterest this am:

My first pair for this year is from Target — my mom and I were there last weekend and they were running a buy one, get one 50% off deal on shoes. We decided to get twinsie booties.

image (58)

I love these because they are wedges and actually super comfortable. I wore them out last Saturday night to a birthday party. We were out dancing until 2 am and my feet only hurt a little. And let’s face it, even in sneaks my feet would have hurt after that epic dancing.

I tried to do a fall inspired outfit utilizing my booties and oxblood.

Here we go:

image (55)

image (52)

image (57)

With my new watch from Target as well. I love it because it is so classic and polished looking. (Thanks to my extremely generous and awesome Mom!)

image (53)


Back with the oxblood lips…

And that’s my fall outfit! More to come and booties will be a constant theme (Sorry P!)

Happy Fall!


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