Lessons Learned from the Emmys

As I have said before, I do not like to do worst dressed lists. What I do like to do is learn from misses so that when we are shopping for our every day events we do not repeat the mistakes of celebrities! 

Here are my top 3 lessons:

1. Pastels get harder to pull off with age… but are hardest when you don’t pay attention to your own skin color.


Julie Bowen made this mistake. This is also a LOT of dress and she’s not a lot of woman. Phew! Here’s a better look from her past: 


I vastly approve of this citron dress — her look is balanced as well with hair and accessories and some detail to the dress but not an overwhelming amount. 


2. FIT MATTERS. And dress to your body type.

Dresses and clothes in general should work WITH your body as it is. If you have wide hips, I would respectfully suggest that you dress in a dress that flatters them — NOT one that draws attention to them. Or, say you are curvy, don’t wear a clingy dress that will show every bump or bulge without making a serious Spanx investment. It pains me to put these pics up but there’s a lesson here. 



Amy’s dress does nothing for her. No waist, no flattering at all. AND her earrings? What’s going on? They clash with her lip and they don’t make sense with the dress. 







Oh Mindy, why this dress? It does nothing for you? The color — nope. The style — nothing. It also doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you. Your stylist picked a dud here. They should be dressing your body and your style and it simply didn’t happen here. 

And fit? There must be tons of seamstresses and tailors in LA — FIND ONE! 




3. Just because a certain amount of see-through styles are in doesn’t mean you should go crazy! 

I am not going to even comment on these. I will just let you all reach your own conclusions. 





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