Emmy’s Review… Not overwhelmed!

The Emmy’s are generally considered the kick off of the long awards season. I am always so excited to see the glamour, the beauty, and really to see what people with LIMITLESS resources pull together for one of their biggest nights out. The Emmy’s are like when my friends and I spend weeks (some of my friends, months) looking for the right dress for a wedding or a birthday or a holiday party. We regular folk don’t get to have Oscars and Emmy’s so I have to say I am pretty judgy when it comes to the HIGHLY questionable decisions of celebrities and their stylists. 

To say I was underwhelmed by this year’s Emmy’s fashion is a bit of an understatement. I don’t believe in worst dressed. So I will limit to my best dressed and then a bit of a retrospective. 

Best Dressed:  (I will end with my TOP choice!)

Best New Look:


Taylor Schilling – Orange is the New Black 

Taylor has burst on to the scene with a strong sense of personal style. I LOVE this dress. The simplicity of it, the clean lines, her accessories, hair/make up — all of it works beautifully to create a fresh look that really stood out. Now, this is a dress by Thakoon and I think it is perfect look for her and the event. Now Thakoon is not a go-to line for the red carpet, which I think further shows Taylor’s unique and fresh take on red carpet style.


Next: Best Bright Color



Allison Williams — Girls

Allison really popped in this cobalt gown by Ralph Lauren. The only person who encroached on her color territory was Tina Fey and this was a better dress. I think that the bodice of the dress could have used a little more tailoring (but I love a really snugly fit dress — which might because I am more well endowed than Allison so I need the dress to hold my chest in. I thought this was a beautiful, relaxed, yet still glamorous and youthful look. I think she could have done a little more with her hair yet I still think she had the best bright AND was hands down, no doubt in the world, everyone would agree, the BEST dressed member of the Girls cast. Sigh. 

Best Age Appropriate (Also best fall look):





Sarah Hyland — Modern Family 

Wow, it’s crazy to think how much she and the other children of Modern Family have grown up. And grown up is a great way to describe her dress. It fits beautifully, the lace does wonders to protect and enhance her cleavage. I LOVE the earrings and the sleek hair. At first, I wasn’t sure about the dark red lips but then I was like what have I been talking about for the last month — oxblood. This is a girl who is paying attention, learning and just getting better. She’s one of my celebrities I always watch for at these events because despite her age (22) she is consistently put together in a thoughtful, beautiful and fabulous look. This dress is the color of the year emerald by CH Carolina Herrera. 


Best Pastel: 


Rose Byrne 

Pastels were all the rage this fall? for the Emmy’s but almost no one nailed the right tone for their skin. Not so for Rose, her Calvin Klein is the perfect dusty rose for her skin and her new blondish hair. Her look was perfect. Bare midriffs and cut outs have been the feature this summer and fall and she showcases the look perfectly. She always perfects the lady like details and this is no exception.  


Runner Up Top Choice: 



Kerry Washington — Scandal 

This dress by Marchesa does what Marchesa does best — beautiful, ethereal, heavily detailed, fairy tale dresses. Kerry is consistently one of the MOST stylish and best dressed celebrities on any red carpet. I think the details of this dress are beautiful; the fit is unbelievable; and it really popped. I don’t know who else could have pulled it off. 


and now the moment that you’ve all been waiting for (and by all I mean Mom, VP Bestie, and MLT)…




Zooey Deschanel — New Girl 

Now, I know what you are thinking, and this is NOT a sentimental choice. I think she nailed it. For someone who can be a little unpredictable, Zooey hit a home run in this ice blue J. Mendel gown. It fits her beautiful, makes her skin look like porcelain, and her hair is gorgeous. No wonder she’s a spokesperson for Dove Hair care. I mean seriously, I think she looks beautiful and elegant — like a fun modern day Grace Kelly. But her zanny personality creeps through in the details like her black and white nails: 




The Emmy’s were not amazing but it’s only the beginning… here’s a look at some past looks from my best dressed to see what they did last time! 


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