Sassy Ts and Me…

First of all, anything remotely sassy and I am there. Second, I have become more and more obsessed with the trend of pairing a sassy T with a cute skirt and a statement necklace. Obsessed is too weak of a word. I think my pinterest feed has given me away. My bestie, MRW, and I are planning a trip to NYC in February and it would be a solid bet to expect to see at least one spectacular sassy T outfit on me during that trip.

Here are some ingenious pairings…

d73920ef6532097c70700a5d63be26568a1157cf94c4990d70fd24bebad9e1be c0cff4d8f69b2e1d34aec22b56128e7d 16cf83b2ae00259de2b1280eab9c0dbd 2d8ef4183d9828a8c00b1e4c8de65503

5d6f0c0ba3487f7f98df7da137350698 909556429ac16606fddf9c2651d52c14 d66a5b7d2ac6b1e62ab8da070ecedb77

One thought on “Sassy Ts and Me…

  1. Can I be VP Bestie if MRW already claims bestie? BTW- love this post. I need you to put together a sassy t outfit for me.

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