Let’s talk about STRIPES baby!

I have these faint memories of someone saying horizontal stripes aren’t flattering and so growing up I avoided them like the plague. Then they were everywhere — they often come out in the summer and just hang around all through the fall.  Places like Old Navy are like swimming through a striped sea at times. One day, I said I don’t care, I may be on the curvier side but I don’t want to be shut out of swimming in that striped sea. So I jumped in, and hot damn, if I didn’t realize that whoever said that thing about stripes not being flattering must have been also the person who said we can’t wear white after Labor Day (a rule that was MEANT to be broken). Au contraire mon ami, stripes make my curves curvier and help you out if you are having trouble locating curves. Not to mention, they can be on the most fun, easiest pairings out there. Bold prints, bold colors, pastels, solids, b and w, colored, neon — there are no limits to what stripes can do and they will do it for you!

So let’s get to it — let’s talk about stripes baby!

First out of the gate: Stripes and bold colors for the ballsier followers out there (this ones for you, Mom)…






I love every piece of the above outfit… from the vintage silhouette to bright turquoise to the leopard print heels! Inspired and easy to pull off!


Then there are stripes with bold prints… this might be more my speed…



And with polka dots… who can resist?

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You could always pair stripes with stripes… these are some inspired combos…



Stripes don’t have to be black and white… (though let’s face it I think they are best in b and w!)


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Stripes don’t have to be bold… they can also be subtle…



They can even venture into evening wear…



In the end nothing is better than a simple pairing of neutrals and stripes. It has the appeal of being incredibly classic and vaguely French feeling.



740e46cb65def5bf56986052826ffb3e     d577a08f96a3f12aebfe443ff7912b18 6991a0bb31ce5346aa7705b5b0ffa3df


The last look is one that is perfection. ANYONE could pull it off and look chic. It could be dressed up or down. Introduce stripes to your weekly menu and see what you think… I’d love to see pics!

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