Dare to go GREEN!

So I have been home sick this week for a couple of days now and at first I kept thinking what a perfect time to catch up on some blog postings. You know get a couple ready in the bank for those times when I am super busy or running low on ideas. Unfortunately I didn’t get inspired BUT I did spend a ton of time on Pinterest, Instyle.com, and looking at magazines while laying in bed (and coughing my brains out). There was one overwhelming trend for fall and that is a serious GREEN movement. 

Green is a fantastic color because there is a not a bad shade, everyone looks pretty great in green, and best of all it can be a rich color that pairs creatively without a lot of other colors. You would think the fashion world would be a bit over green — particularly it’s emerald incarnation — since it was dubbed Pantone’s color of the year for 2013. 


Nevertheless, green is everywhere. This fall the biggest nail trend thus far is green nails. And I am curious and obsessed. My birchbox came with some green nail polish and that means I’ll be trying it soon. One of my friends, E, recently purchased an emerald green t-shirt at the GAP Outlet for $7. It couldn’t be easier to be on trend this fall. Sub in the green T and you’ll be chic and look fantastic. Here’s an example of how easy it is…


Here’s some ideas for how to wear green and look fabulous doing it:

Let’s start with nails…



Then there are accessories whether it’s shoes, bags, or tights (TIGHTS TIGHTS TIGHTS)…




Dresses — the LBD can always meet it’s match in a dark moody shade of green or kelly green-Grace Kelly-ladylike work dress…



But you don’t have to go all in, green is a great friend in pairing separates… (start safe and work our way up to the more daring pairings (pastels and prints)….



Finally, I have said it once and I’ll say it again, the best thing about green is the unlimited and interesting shades of green out there… military olive has been huge this fall (I suppose it’s understandable since fall is to menswear fashion what summer is to seventies fashion — inevitable) but there are tons here’s a sampling…





Today’s challenge: Find a way to introduce green into a black and white outfit or pair it with an unexpected print — or just throw caution into the wind and paint your nails green. 


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