Monday’s here again…

If Monday is here, that pretty much guarantees that I am exhausted! And therefore, feeling lazy.

My excuse is also that I was gone all weekend at concert festival in St. Augustine and didn’t have the time or the energy to be on top of things this morning.

So today, I took some shortcuts and I hope you will find them helpful when you drag…

photo (16)


Took my own advice on colored eye liner (again). This time I used purple. It’s quick and easy and high impact.

image (49)


 Shiny things are your friends. I used sparkly lipgloss, headband, and earrings to dress up my dark floral dress. And it didn’t take much effort at all.

image (46)


Bold flats are a fun way to dress up a dark floral but they also are a comfy but lively enough to make you feel a little sassy and maybe not so draggy.

photo (17)


Don’t be afraid to rock braids. It’s a great way to disguise dirty or still-wet hair. I put a hairband in and then braided the ends backwards and joined them in the back. All that remained was to pull out some tendrils and I am done. It’s a pretty solid messy up do and I literally did it at a traffic light before I pulled into work this am. 

image (47)


The finished product!


image (48)


Happy Monday!


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