Monday Morning — Jazz up your look!

This morning I worked out (sorry had to brag) and then when it was time  to get ready, shockingly enough,  I was tired. I didn’t feel like dealing with eye shadow and blending and eye liner and whatever else. Instead, I decided to try this INCREDIBLY simple but high impact eye liner trick I had seen on one of my favorite blogs: The Beauty Department.

Then when I went to look at the blog this am in order to find the link for this post I saw that they had featured this very look TODAY. Great mind and all that jazz…

Here’s the link:

This is a 3 step eye makeup task — at least when I was done simplifying it.

1. Apply neutral eye shadow on lid.

2. Apply black eye liner to the top end to corner of your eye.

3. Apply bold color (turquoise, purple, pink, whatever) to the bottom line of your eye. Don’t be afraid to make it fairly thick.

And voilà! You have a bold but not at all over the top new look for Monday morning.

See for yourself!


image (42)

image (43)

image (41)


Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning — Jazz up your look!

  1. OMG! I love this idea! Blue liner is my fav and I haven’t worn it in years. I am going out and buying some as soon as I find a coupon for it. Great tip!

  2. You definitely rocked that look and if I do say so myself, better than the beautydepartment…MUCH better eyebrow shaping on your end, dear.

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