Friday Friends Roll Call

So last Friday I was trying to get inspired for my blog.  I started wondering about what my friends were wearing and if anything they were doing was inspiring. Then I had this genius idea: have my friends send me pics.

Now, they want me to preference this by saying it was Friday and they didn’t have any warning BUT I think it’s kind of cool to see what my different people are doing all over the country.

This will be as close to a weekly occurrence as possible. I might give them assignments and see what happens. We will just have to see…

And so begins Friday’s Friend Roll Call!

We’ve got MLT in Indiana:

image (37)

Cuz C in Georgia:

She was going camping with friends…

Leotard + jorts + Tevas = Camping Chic

image (39)

Cuz E in Gainesville, FL

Now she’s in grad school but she’s definitely the most professionally dressed one of all of us.

image (34)

Then I’ve got my working girls in jeans:

E and MRW:

image (38)


image (35)

Finally, my little momma – H!

She and little B look causal chic – H has always had a love affair with linen.

image (36)



More to come and I think they will only get better and better!


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