Five Minute Fashion Update!

It’s Friday and I, for one, couldn’t be more pleased!

I am heading down to Naples to visit one of my very best friends and we are going to look at wedding dresses! (There might be a post about it!)

I spent a while brainstorming and researching inspiration for today’s post and I have decided to go with a Five Minute Update since it’s been a while and they are fun!

So buckle up, because here. we. go.

1. Ombre hair.

I know what you are thinking. But it looks like the roots have grown out too long… If it’s done right, it looks cool, a little edgy and definitely sassy. And who can’t stand to have a little sassy transfused into their look?


Strawberry blonde to ombre…


This next one is brown all the way to blonde. It’s extreme but I think it works.


Celebrities who did an awesome job with ombre. I am obsessed with both of these ladies — they both have a unique perspective and you can see it in their fashion.


Go crazy….


Here’s my friend E rocking it. Proving that regular folk can look awesome ombre as well as celebrities and models!




2. Monochromatic Outfits! 

I was inspired to try this the first time I bought a red skirt and realized I had a red blouse the exact same color. Together they made a sleek, cohesive outfit. The examples I found really show the range of ways you can make monochromatic your own. The secret is to match the shades… texture can be different and should be for interest. And if you feel like it’s boring, you can always add spicy shoes!

Loving her shoes! (below)


Olive is so cool. I think it looks great on everyone and adds a faint menswear edge.


1a5b4207e6ff04e208766dde0fb56b78 aea58db88a5dcd9187e3c796f3fb6e16

Bold shoes? Look no further. Black and white are classic but there’s a universe of colors out there for the bold and brave amongst us.

(I am not judging, I sit here typing this post in a black and white outfit!)


Is there a stronger word than obsessed for how I feel about grey? I stalk grey. And monochromatic grey. WHAT! I love it. The example below with the red llp looks so classic and refined.

95941285f6e130352038079f0464d797 d6dc4bc9457af35f493ddab992a2a838

Can’t escape the oxblood.



3. Booties! 

I have been thinking about booties as we have been getting geared up for fall.

I love them! SO MUCH!

They make every outfit cooler. They come in every shape and size. In every style.
Here’s a sampling.  Find a way to add them to your next outfit. Here’s some killer examples:




These booties can be bold or they can be neutral. Find a pair that gives YOU confidence. And strut.

330c9d8de53d9b85dcc786b73a1f9957  b5d2a801f598cd325872b4f957bd9fcc 63791db0d7ae22af28853509e4c0f092 af159510afded334cfc81f234458b809

I love edgier booties like the ones below, You can pair them with jeans and a T and be DONE. I love outfits that are so straightforward.

716119c2b84b5adc4a51526f1baef340 4180f3a0d854132cb2ae69ebbbabd754

Straight obsessed with the Sole Society booties below. I am hoping for a sale soon because I think they will be incredibly versatile for all fall and into winter. I also think they are kind of barrier breaking… meaning they are appropriate for almost any setting on almost any person (I am talking to you moms out there!). Go wild for booties!



That concludes our five minutes! Go forth and be fabulous!


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