Falling for Fall Colors: Mustard Edition

Hi everyone! There are two things that I absolutely LOVE about changing seasons to fall.

TIGHTS (oh, yes, that post is coming!) and Fall colors.

Unlike other seasons, I really crave fall colors and feel they are locked into their season. You already know how inspired I was at the mere mention of Oxblood. Let’s see what mustard has in store for us!

1. Never underestimate the power of simple pairings… stripes, polka dots, grey and black.

Start with some straightfoward black and print combos…

16a5703d1868bad5874090cfbc73985b9036cf7603c283f6b3ddaa5dcec9594e93fcb15073fc375647f7e042aef1965f  6435f1b2e880b69bd9017c76e2aea85b 29cad5813c4c9e0cae8415711ef7dc24

Or for the truly brave, BOLD patterns:

2. Khaki is your friend!

I love khaki and mustard and the subtle print. But it’s important to remember that well-placed khaki can be very functional in places where fall isn’t that cool.

Also I am fairly sure I see a familiar color in those pants!


3. Silk scarves…

This next picture has me inspired to try adding a silk scarf to my fall wardrobe. I have this lovely one I *Ahem borrowed from my mom’s closet. It’s oxblood! How sweet would it be with some mustard??

I do also love the texture of the white lace blouse. It’s very satisfying!


4. Unusual color pairing — anything from the turquoise family. This one has the added benefit of tweed! An obvious fall choice! You can also do hunter green or a burnt orange for the truly brave!


5., Introduce it in one piece: tights,  jacket, shoes, skirt, bag…

     727f560b25c77880b4b588e222877c66 be6950163592ac02b31ce94a36221ea2924fd4a4eea1fad3a6387ea541f02c00 82d80d2c24815d37c42757861ae09dc21484625997914980ee2a496a0bd1ff55

Mustard is a very universal shade of yellow. It looks fantastic on all skin types and feels very fall. Enjoy, I know I will!


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