Five Minute Fashion Update

I don’t know about the rest of y’all but this week is DRAGGING for me. I need a Starbucks trip like I need to win the lottery (read desperately!). 

Today’s post is designed to wake up your fashion! 

1) Cat Eye 

Try a new eye liner silhouette. My mom does her eye makeup the same EVERY day. Her attitude if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I disagree. Eye makeup is the perfect place to try new things. 

I suggest a cat eye. It doesn’t have to be an homage to Amy Winehouse. It can be subtle and sweet!  Here are some prime examples: 

Black and White Cat Eye #zappos


From one of my fav blogs, the beauty department:

Or you can get a bit wild with….

Today's look - Hey baby won't you look my way?  I can be your new addiction.  Linda Hallberg - makeup artist

2. Floral Clutches

Summer isn’t over so toss a floral clutch with your end of summer outfit to give it some lovin’.

Check out this one from J.Crew:

J.Crew - Liberty minaudire in floral eve


Floral clutches

It’s a fun and safe way to pattern clash if you are not ready to go all in…

floral + clutch

(Above) This is a great one for transitioning into Fall and Winter and totally easy to use with a LBD.

My girl S got this one! Isn’t it awesome? She rocks it with a bright orange T, skinnies and flats. It’s casual cool and it’s fun!

3. Metallic nails

I think they are crazy neutral. My bestie, MRW, always matches the metals on her outfit and purse. I tell her that’s a bit intense for me. But if you want to go her route you can also match up your nails. I love metallics because they are sassy but neutral. Give them a chance and feel just a little sassier as you type your emails or drive to work! 

Metallic Nails


I like this one because the metallics are neutral! 

Avon Brushed Metals Nail Enamel- Platinum

Then there’s loud and proud! 

And mixed metal…

Metallic nails #celebstylewed #bridal #nuptials

Feel free to combine all three! I always feel better when I feel like I look together. Give these little fashion updates a chance and see what happens! 


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