Home Sweet Home: Flea Market Chic

This is the first in my series of posts addressing interior decorating or as I like to refer to it extreme home NESTING!

I am very excited to begin with this first house. Our story takes place in Athens, Georgia in a shotgun house near UGA where my beloved cousin, C, is beginning grad school for Social Work. C is the coolest. She has so much style. She loves vintage and tacky and strange things. When mixes them together, she creates this amazingly unique voice. From her clothes to her house, her unique voice shines through.

Here’s a face to put with the girl.


Let’s check out her house:

IMG_0544 (1)


And then there’s the kitchen.



Her living room…



She’s particularly proud of the sofa, which she purchased from for $50. I love her use of color. The brights paired with the neutrals. Vintage luggage is gaining momentum as a feature for decorating. C is on it!

photo (13)


Love the fireplace. I love her choice here with the painting. It’s bold without being a bold color. Best of all, it speaks to C. That’s exactly what art is supposed to do. Speak!

IMG_0543 (1)


Who’s this peeking out?? Chiquita, her darling — if neurotic — chihuahua. I think she makes the room.




C found the rocking chair on the SIDE OF THE ROAD. She painted it that amazing color — neon orange red! That sweet pillow is made from old T-shirts of MINE from college.

C is also really into sewing these days (I am about to learn myself… future post alert!) and she got this dress form for $30 and it just happened to be her size! Fate can be amazing sometimes.

Next her bedroom…



I like the simplicity of the decorating in here. I am not one for going too crazy in the bedroom. It should be a restful zen place.

I found C’s new place to be very inspiring. All her creative use of color and found objects! Her style epitomizes what I consider flea market chic. That involves a lot of creative and dual use of objects, bright colors, vintage patterns and furniture that comes together to somehow create cohesive theme. It’s not easy. I think you have to have a very strong sense of personal style and self to pull it off. C has both of things in spades .

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