Friday Jeansday!

Happy Friday, people of the interweb. Every Friday I walk around singing either out loud or in my head: Friday, Friday, Friday… (Yes, that song will never die!)

In my office, support staff can wear jeans on Friday but not attorneys. It makes a jean-loving girl such as myself a smidge bitter. I walk around in work clothes surronded by people in jeans.

To show my objection, I push the envelope with a jean shirt paired with a suit skirt. I still get to wear my denim! Β And, since it’s Friday, and that means no court, I get pretty creative. Today’s theme: Accessory-mania!

Starting with…

image (18)

That’s right, a zebra ring. What? You don’t have a zebra cocktail ring? That’s so weird. I bought this when I was shopping for accessories with one of my lifetime besties, MLT. Β I saw it and I knew it belonged on my hand. To her credit, MLT did not miss a beat. She agreed. And I have been wearing it ever since. What better way to celebrate Jeansday than with my zebra ring.

Next, a sassy hair clip!

image (22)

And double necklaces because one isn’t enough!

image (17)

And, leopard print shoes!!

image (21)

A bold eye… with my (at this point signature) dark red lips…

image (16) image (19)

Combine it to create the perfect TGIF outfit!

photo (12)

Jeansday. You cannot beat me!

Brace yourselves, next week we do interior design….


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