Inspired to take my own advice…

After writing about Oxblood yesterday and seeing Mortal Instruments: City of Bones last night during which the heroine, played by Lilly Collins, rocks the best oxblood mani, I went home and painted my nails that delightful blood red. 


Lily Collins: 'The Mortal Instruments' Trailer - Watch Now!

(I do admit that it is a little creepy that I noticed her nails in the movie. However, her hands are kind of important to the plot so we as an audience do spend quite a bit of time staring at them in close ups.)


Back to topic…. then this morning, I decided to take my advice from yesterday about pairing the oxblood with a brighter, more summery color to bring it gradually into fall. With my red hair, I wear less and less hot pink but I have been loving every stop on the teal spectrum. Today I am rocking an almost seafoam peplum dress from Forever 21, some awesome Target earrings (I purchased for F”s wedding), a Stella and Dot arm candy bonanza, and nude peep toes. We all know how hard it is to match nude heels  to our skin tone… especially when you pick up a bit of a summer tan.

I didn’t want to wear my oxblood heals all day since I will be running around so today’s look is a study in subtlety because my oxblood is only in my nails and lips. 

Here’s a sampling. Even regular folk can rock the trends, it doesn’t have to be leather pants and stilletos. 🙂







When I got to work this am, I had such an extra pep in my step because I felt like I looked good. It’s amazing how much confidence that adds. My friend and co-worker M said that I was standing at the podium looking “fierce” (Her word!) and standing up to the Judge and she was admiring me! First of all, ahh that’s so sweet but second, hell yeah! 

Ah, the power of jazzy dress and zest for life! 


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