Friday Fun! Beach Accessories Edition



It’s summer, which means BEACH TIME! Last summer, my friends and I vowed to have an epic summer and we did pretty well. We went to the beach almost every weekend, went swimming, had cookouts — just lived life to the fullest. This summer we haven’t been able to get out there as much as social engagements have gotten in the way but we have recently made it out to our local beaches as well as Sanibel for a family vacation. 

All of this beach time has led to some beach accessory discussion amongst my friends and led me to today’s blog post.

Among my friends there are basically two camps when it comes to beach accessories: Relaxed Hipster v. Glamorous 

Relaxed Hipster involves fun sunglasses, hats, and maybe a scarf…

Here’s an example I pulled off the internet. Followed by me with my bestie, J and then my cuz, E. 

beach look





Then there’s glamorous… 

My friend M, who just went off to grad school in Bloomington (we will be hearing more about her for sure!), is a big proponent of fabulous beach attire. She loves this suit! She also has it in dark turqoise. She’s convinced me that every beach costume requires enormous dangly earrings… well, almost. 



Here’s an example I pulled off the internet… 

fabulous beach look

summertime look...ready for the beach or pool ;)

I guess the truth is that I fall somewhere in the middle…



But as always, I think it’s most important to be comfortable and have fun — you are at the beach after all!

PS: For a bonus pic, this is a hilarious shot of my mom and my aunts taking pictures of their daughters all their iPhones. It makes me chuckle. 🙂 




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