My friend, S, mentioned her disaster of a closet and I threw out how much I love a good project and a mega project was born. Disclaimer: S’s closet was legit. It’s a walk in closet with plenty of space to tuck things and forget about them. What it wasn’t was a optimal use of the space. It certainly was not a place where S could be inspired to up her fashion game. That’s why she used her “phone-a-friend.”











10 hours later, we created a space of which the Kardashians would approve and, perhaps more importantly, a space S could really use!

1. Make deliberate choices about how you organize your space. S and I created a dresser-type area where she could deposit change and lay things out.

2. Color-code your clothes. I know it sounds unnecessarily OCD but the truth is it is much easier to see what you have and to find items when you need them.

3. When cleaning out, be aggressive. It can be emotional and exhausting to relive memories,
think about how much you spent on an item, or how much you loved an item. For S, a poignant moment was when we put her Doc Martens in the give away pile. She once loved those shoes but had less room for them in the closet of her late twenties self.

4. Take this time as a spiritual purge and a chance to evaluate. Do I really wear jeans and a V neck t-shirt every Saturday? Maybe it’s time to broaden your horizon or maybe it’s time to realize just how worn out your once black cardi truly is…

5. Attractive storage containers are the key. S and I picked up the baskets at Target and even assembled the white dresser drawers under the hanging clothes (also from Target) and they make a huge difference. They help make the close feel both purposeful and in control.

Dressing is a way of life.

– Yves Saint Laurent


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